Wednesday, February 13, 2008

simple things

"Simple things hold the secret." - Carl Jung

Monday, February 11, 2008

be my friend

..i thought this would be a happy song...i guess we sang it wrong...maybe i wrote it my friend..

Saturday, February 09, 2008

in the making

Little trips in the making towards the end of March/beginning of April include Paris, Köln, Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels and Milan (maybe Amsterdam). It will altogether be two weeks roughly (probably a little longer), so that I will have time to see friends and family for an average of two to three days in each city. It's been five years now that I have last been to Germany; so I am quite excited about that! More excited about the people of course that I am going to see rather than the country itself which I honestly am not really fond of. It's not my favourite after all. Anyway, along with the "trips in the making" list goes a "books in the reading:)" list, which goes as follows: Aydın Boysan - Ne hoş zamanlardı; Banu Avar - Hangi Avrupa? (fab, fab, fab); Orhan Pamuk - Other Colors; Antoine de Saint Exupery - The Little Prince (again and again); Tom Reiss - The Orientalist; Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Infidel (quite curious about this one); Aydın Boysan - hayat tatlı zehir; David Damrosch - The Buried Book; Diarmuid Jeffreys - Aspirin/Mucize İlacın Çarpıcı Öyküsü; The Paris Review Interviews Vol II; Julia Cameron - The Right to Write..This is about it!! Hahaha!!! And in between and after all this reading and travelling and working I have to write my master thesis, I have to move house (well first find one) and I have to get hold of my life; get it back actually. Get your life back too by the way. Just a reminder.