Saturday, June 11, 2011

breathe. walk. Tibet. yoga. pilates.

Breathe. Do pranayama. Then master the art of walking. Set aside some time and walk. Then walk longer. Walking is good for your venous drainage and your abs. It clears the mind. Tabularasa. Dedicate one week to each, slowly build up. Do The 5 Tibetans EACH morning. No excuses. Once you have a little routine, it'll get easier and your body will ask you to do them, you won't have to force yourself; it'll come naturally, and that's a good thing. Add yoga. Surya Namaskar is a good way to start. Do A, then B. Start with a full set, then begin repeating sets. You can then choose between the incredible amount of different styles be it entirely physical and dynamic, or with a little spiritual aspect to it. It is nice to be home-schooled, but try to catch a class with a yoga instructor at one point. Get yourself a mat, then a stretch band, then a ball (one big/one small) and do mat pilates. You can follow classes on TV, or get a DVD which is nice for rainy days. Slowly try to work your pilates moves into your daily routine even if it is only for ten minutes. Try out reformer pilates sometime. And do not forget to walk. Drink plenty of water. Do a nice soothing herbal infusion or drink green/white tea. Put on SPF. Wear shades. Moisturize. And smile from deep down inside.