Friday, December 25, 2009

..running up that hill

I'm running up the hill again:)))

and (of course) here come new book recommendations from what i have read since september this year:

-Fazıl Say - Yalnızlık Kederi
-Eric Weiner - The Geography of Bliss*
-Mireille Guiliano - French Women Don't Get Fat **
-Bill Tancer - Click
-Oliver Sacks - Musicophilia
-Elif Şafak - Aşk ***
-Julie Barlos&Jean-Benoit Nadeau - Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong
-Audrey Niffenegger - Die Frau des Zeitreisenden
-Murathan Mungan - Eldivenler, Hikayeler
-Anne Weiss, Stefan Bonner - Generation Doof
-Bernhard Schlink - Der Vorleser ****
-Wolf Funfack - metabolic balance
-David Byrne - Bicycle Diaries
-Ayşe Kulin - Türkan
-Amin Maalouf - Origins a memoir
-Pierre Bayard - How to talk about books you haven't read *****
-Julio Cortazar - Seksek --> recommended by a dear friend, haven't finished yet

*this one is especially well written. makes you think about why you choose to live in a certain place and how everything about that city or country affects your well being and sense of happiness and bliss
**a lot of fun, and helpful at the same time - it's really all about savoir vivre
***for those who love Rumi
****the original of The Reader the movie with Kate Winslet. yet another book about the third reich i thought, way too soon. i loved it. since i am especially interested in everything related to the Hitler regime and its aftermath, this one's a true gem
*****this should be the bible of all who have to attend cocktails and stuff and do small talk. a real first aid kit.

All the other books i read with pleasure. i only had problems with Click by Bill Tancer. didn't really click with me. Saw both the movie and read the book The Time Traveller's Wife (Frau des Zeitreisenden). Should be further studied bookwise what with a new approach in fiction writing. Read it, you will know what i mean then. Origins by Amin Maalouf is especially interesting for those who are interested in Ottoman History and in Beirut, like i am. Generation Doof is a satirical farce about a certain generation (what we would probably call 80'ler kuşağı in turkish). Only accessible in german unfortunately, but very universally applicable. voila.